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Hi, I'm Masha

Hey! My name is Masha, and I’m so honored to be a Foxsy Instructor.

I always felt like I wanted to do something creative, but I never could find what that something should be for me. Until in 2018, I discovered Bullet Journaling.

It turned my world upside down in many ways, but my favorite part was the way it inspired me to try out doodling and lettering and actually work on getting better in all these areas.

The biggest secret I learned is that creativity is a muscle. You can learn any skill; you just have to keep working on it.

Today I’m helping others discover that creativity within.

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MY FOXSY CLASS: Floral Doodles

Of all the doodles you can do, floral doodles are probably some of the most popular.

They can be used in many different situations, and there is such a wide variety of flowers you can draw.

But they can look pretty intimidating and difficult to learn -- that is where my new course comes into play.

In Floral Doodles, you’ll receive over an hour of lessons teaching you all the basics you need to start drawing beautiful flowers right away -- even if you’ve never done any doodling in your life.

Plus, you’ll end up with several wonderful floral projects that can be used to create custom cards, decorate your Bullet Journal, or embellish your notes while you’re sitting in another long meeting.

I can’t wait for you to start; see you in the course!

What You'll Learn:

  • Basic shapes to master floral doodles
  • Easy flowers, vines, and leaves
  • How to elevate your floral doodles
  • How to create floral compositions

See what Past students

have said...

"Thank you for creating this course! I enjoyed it very much. It was very basic and easy to follow! It gave me motivation to doodle more :)"


"I would like to thank you for creating this course. It honestly helped me so much and now, I can make better doodles, thanks to you!"


What is Foxsy, anyway?

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Your creative oasis

If you've ever struggled with your desire to make art, then you're not alone!

Foxsy is an online community for artistic students, professional creators, and lifelong learners to celebrate creativity together.

It is designed to be a resource for not only learning technical skills -- but also learning how to develop a happy relationship with art and creativity.

I have to be honest… I have never been artistic, and I kind of stumbled upon Foxsy.

I don’t even know why I joined, but I’m so glad I did!

— LISA, Foxsy Student

Foxsy Features

Access to a growing library of creative classes

The Foxsy course library is home to a growing number of creative classes taught by a variety of professional artists. These classes are all made with care, using high-level filming and audio techniques, pro video editors, and human-generated closed captioning -- all to ensure a great learning experience.

You'll find classes on subjects like:

Hand lettering


Creative journaling


And more!

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Professional guidance to help you learn with confidence

Nothing helps you learn faster or more effectively than direct answers from another artist.

That's why Foxsy has several ways for you to talk to professional creatives so you can get the answers and guidance you need to take the next steps on your journey, like:

Optional personalized feedback on course projects from one of our creative professionals

In-class Q&A feature that allows you to answer specific questions and get answers from students and creative pros alike

What is Foxsy?

Foxsy is an art education platform with on-demand creative courses. It’s designed so you can explore and grow your artistic skills.

The courses contain in-depth lessons and step-by-step projects to fuel your creativity and give you the skills to create your own amazing art.

What is the future of Foxsy?

At Foxsy, we are working to build a platform where you can learn from all of your favorite online creators.

We are actively seeking out your favorite online creators from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or wherever they are to create new courses for you to enjoy!

What is a Lifetime Membership and why are we offering it?

If you want to skip the recurring fees and help us grow as quickly as possible, then the lifetime membership is perfect for you. Each sale of a lifetime membership gives us the resources we need to gain momentum and grow Foxsy to its full potential.

In fact, we are setting aside the money from lifetime memberships into a creator fund so we can bring in new artists and pay them fairly for their work.

And the best part? It's a fantastic deal for you! When you get a lifetime membership, we really mean life. You'll have access to everything Foxsy ever publishes or produces forever.

Can I get a refund?

We want you to be happy with your learning experience, this is why we stand by our courses by offering a 30-day guarantee.

For 30 days after your purchase, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us at [email protected] and we will issue a full refund.

Begin Your Creative Journey Today

All Foxsy memberships include:

Unlimited access to the entire Foxsy course library, including Floral Doodles

Access to all courses added to the Foxsy library in the future

Personalized project feedback from a member of the Foxsy creative team to help you grow and improve

Q&A sections for every course to help you get fast answers to any questions you may have

& so much more!



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